Mistakes Happen, But this shouldn’t have.

Can you imagine having this happen to your dog?

Mistakes Happen, But this shouldn't have.
Mistakes Happen, But this shouldn’t have.

I understand that sometimes mistakes happen.  To all of us.  But this should never have happened.  They took the dog in for an ear infection, not a life threatening emergency.  But that’s what it turned into.

I can’t imagine having this happen to one of our dogs or foster dogs.  I would never be able to take another animal to that veterinarian again.  There must have been a huge miscommunication in that office that day.

It is taking everything in me to post this. I know my family has asked for prayers and some of you don’t know what is going on so here it is; my baby girl Sugar has an ear infection so I took her to the Vet to get antibiotics, they took her in the back and then the doctor came in the room Trey and I were in waiting, and she says there has been a mistake made you need to get Sugar to med vet the animal hospital in Columbus as soon as possible, we accidentally euthanized her and she can die. So I rushed her to Med Vet where they took her as soon as I walked in the door. Sugar isn’t breathing on her own she is in ICU hooked up to a ventilator and it’s just waiting right now, there is no reversing this. This next 24 hours are critical I’m praying God spares her, we so need a miracle right now. For those of you who truly know me and Dino she’s not a dog she’s our daughter who we love so much. My heart is shattered. Thank you to everyone who reached out through phone calls and texts and facebook. Thank you for praying for our daughter. Ronald & I are truly grateful. We will be going back up to the hospital tomorrow and I will keep everyone posted.

Luckily, the emergency veterinarian was able to save her.  Or it would have been much worse.

Update: 3-17-17

A lot of you have been asking about Sugar, not trying to leave everyone hanging but still trying to go through all the messages from everyone. Sugar has been home a week now and doing fantastic, she is the same little girl as before. She had her check up today at Med Vet for the ulcer in her eye, it is healing but will probably be another 5 weeks before it’s completely healed. Sugar’s ear is all better! Also the blanket sugar is sitting on was sent to her from fabb (fur angel blessing blanketeers) Thank you so much! Sugar loves it and uses it often! Thank you again to everyone who has reached out, prayed and checked up on her. Again we definitely have to thank Med Vet for giving us our baby back. Thank you isn’t enough. Much love to all of you.🐶 Sugar says Happy St. Patrick’s day! 🍀she is one lucky pup!

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