New Foster: Janey, young Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Foster #77 arrived at our house on Sunday.  This sweet girl is just with us for a short time, just until the weekend.  She and a few other Jack Russell Terrier Mixes caught a ride on our shelter’s transport van, from high-kill shelters in West Virginia, for a local Jack Russell Terrier breed specific rescue.  Fortunately for Janey, or unfortunately, however you look at it, she couldn’t be held at the shelter until the rescue could pick her up.  She has been known to climb out of 8 foot fences, which means shelter kennels are not secure for her.  So she got to come home with us instead.  I’d like to think she’s happy about it.

Janey, Young, Large, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix
After her long transport ride, she’s finally here.
Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix

What a sweet girl she is.  Her indoor manners are wonderful, and she’s a great cuddle bug.  She’s totally housebroken, knows sit, stay, and has great recall. She didn’t even run off when she pulled me over and I dropped the leash.  She instead climbed on and wanted to snuggle, right there in the middle of the yard.  Obviously, Janey does need some work on her leash manners, she is a puller.

Janey loves to play fetch, or tug with her humans.  But she’s also great at entertaining herself indoors with the dog toys.  She’ll take the stuffed animals and throw them around, or the squeaky toys.  Yesterday she carried around a racquetball, dropping it and then batting and chasing it around.  We had to rescue it from under the furniture a few times, but she doesn’t whine for it, just sits and waits calmly for us to retrieve it.  Or tries to get it herself.  Chew bones are another of her favorites, and she’ll chew for hours. She’s claimed the “dog chair” as her place to be if we’re not actively paying her attention.

She hasn’t met a dog, or human, that she doesn’t like.  She’s such a well behaved girl, that I can’t imagine why anyone would give her up.  Although it could have something to do with her size, energy level, or climbing ability.  Or maybe the fact that she can drag even me around on leash when she gets hyper.

Size Matters, at least here.

Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix
On Mom’s Lap
Janey, Young Jack Russell Terrier Mix

All in all, she’s been a great girl.  She does get a little rough with our dogs, especially Cami who she seems to see as a live chew/squeaky toy.  But it’s not really on purpose, she isn’t bullying them.  She’s just very young, and doesn’t realize her own size, or strength.

So, a few of our dogs are not too happy about her, but that’s because they don’t like dogs bigger than them.  And she is considerably bigger, and stronger than both Jackyl and Chewy Lewy, our big boys.  And possibly even stronger than me, and our dog run, which is out of commission until Man of the House gets home to fix it.  Who knew that a dog run put up for a 10 lb dog wouldn’t hold up to 30+ lbs of pure pulling muscle.

But they’re learning to deal with her, and we haven’t had any real problems.  Although, Chewy Lewy doesn’t much care for her obsession with Woobie.  Woobie is his friend, and he doesn’t want to share him.  Woobie, doesn’t much care for her attentions either.  He rarely warms up to any new dogs, or people.  Jack, who I thought we would have the most trouble with, due to her size, just avoids her.  Until she looks like she’s having fun, then he tries to jump in.  But quickly exits when he realizes that he’s out matched with her.  He has some small dog issues.

We may not have long with her, but we’re trying to make her stay as comfortable and fun as possible.

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