Newest Foster Dog: Cookie, 2-yr-old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

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Yesterday afternoon we welcomed foster dog #64 to The Foster Pack household. Cookie is a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel, who is deaf and terrified of humans.

Cookie’s Rescue

Our Newest Foster Dog: Cookie, 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel
Our Newest Foster Dog: Cookie, 2 yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

She was found in a small town near the shelter in the middle of the road, laying down. The woman who found her thought that she was dead. But it turns out that she’s simply deaf. She also has blue eyes, which led her rescuer to believe she was blind too.  And elderly.  But she’s not, blind or elderly.

And now she’s been groomed, vetted and spayed.  She really is a beautiful younger dog.

The area where Cookie was found has a lot of Amish farms, it’s now believe that she escaped from one of them.  Where people weren’t really nice to her. But no one came looking for her.

Scared Cocker Spaniel

Cookie, 2 yr old deaf Cocker Spaniel Foster dog.
Cookie, 2 yr old deaf Cocker Spaniel Foster dog.

She was terrified in the shelter, so we were asked if she could come stay with us for a while.  I think she might be here quite sometime, while we work through her fear of being abused.  And get her used to living with a family, and accepting our love.  Once she’s thoroughly settled in, we’ll start working on her training.

She’s terrified of people.  She just sits and shakes if I even look at her this morning.  So we’re giving her a few days in the playpen to get adjusted to the new place, new dogs and new people.

I carry her outside to potty.  Last night she went right where I sat her.  This morning she actually walked a few steps – to hide behind the fuel tank – and went potty.  But I still had to carry her back in.  And then back to the playpen, so that the other dogs don’t overwhelm her.

She is other dog friendly, to an extent.  She’s already pinned both Cami, and the old man Ozzy, for being too interested in her.

She did just eat a treat.  And she’s taken an interest in Mama Lucky.  It’s the first time she’s moved from where I put her on her own.  She came up to the gate to meet her.  Unfortunately, Mama Lucky and her babies are leaving us.  We were just a temporary foster for her.

But Cami, our official welcome committee, is trying her hardest to make friends with Cookie.  I’m sure, given time and some guidance, Miss Cookie, our little deaf Cocker Spaniel, will learn not to be afraid of people and will turn into a wonderful dog, ready for her forever home.  And that’s what we’re here for!  We’ll keep you updated on her progress.

Mama Lucky and Puppies Update:

Mama Lucky
Mama Lucky

Mama and puppies are doing wonderfully.  Most of the puppies are over a pound in weight already.  Even the little one is almost a pound.  They’re growing so fast. And they are much more content this week.  They still just eat and sleep, at only 10 days old they have about a week before they’ll open their eyes and become more active.

As I mentioned earlier, Mama Lucky and her band of little ones are moving to their permanent foster home until it’s their turns to be adopted. But we’re enjoying our last day with her.  She’s become my companion, she wants to spend more and more time out of the nursery and with me.  I’m hoping she’ll bond just as well with her new foster mom.

And we’ll still get to see the puppies when we go to help, and transport them to their vet appointments, and eventually their meet and greets with their potential new families.  But we sure will miss them.  In only 10 days they’ve wormed their way into our hearts.

This post is part of the series Cookie: 2 Yr old Deaf Cocker Spaniel

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