Newest Foster Dogs: The Cheese-Nip Girls, 3 Adult Chihuahuas

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Well, they were unexpected, and a little fierce and nippy at first, but our newest foster girls (#86-88) are slowly coming around. 

Chiquita, Lassie and Polka-Dotty came to us on Saturday afternoon, all from the same owner.  Unfortunately, she was starting to travel for work and couldn’t find anyone to stay with her dogs, which we totally understand.  It is hard to find an in-house dog sitter.  She thought it unfair to leave them home alone all of the time, with just someone stopping in to feed and potty them.  And we agree, dogs are social animals, and they want to be with their humans.  So she surrendered them to the shelter, so that they can find new homes, where they’ll get to be with their people daily. 

Our First day with them:

They’ve been nicknamed the Cheese Nips, called such because when I got home with them I told Sister to be careful, that these Chis nip.  She thought I was saying cheese, instead of Chis (short for Chihuahuas), and asked if I had called them the Cheese Nips, and it stuck.

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua

Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua
Chiquita, 7 year old Chihuahua

Chiquita is the oldest of the Cheese-Nips,   She is the mother of Lassie and Dotty.  Chiquita was the first to warm up to me.  She rode on my lap the whole way home, just curled into a little ball.  Then immediately tried to escape when I opened the car door.  Also, she loves to give kisses. I’ve never had so many kisses in my life, sometimes I feel like I’m drowning when she’s loving me.

Chiquita is a wonderfully sweet girl.  She’s already house trained, quiet and just wants to be a lap dog.  She gets along with all of the female dogs she’s met (outside of the playpen) so far.  Although it’s not looking like her and Monkey will ever be allowed loose together.  They snap and snarl at each other through the playpen.  And for once it’s not Monkey initiating it.  We tried her with the big boys last night, and she wanted to eat them.  Despite the fact that they’re all at least twice her size. It could be because at their former home girls and boys were kept separate due to none of them being spayed/neutered. 

Lassie, 3 year old Chihuahua

Lassie, 3 year old Chihuahua
Our window sitter.
Lassie, 3 year old Chihuahua
Our window sitter.

Lassie has been the slowest to come around to liking us.  She spends a lot of her time sitting in the window sill, growling at us if we come too close.  Although she’s already gotten a lot better.  She’s no longer snapping at me.  And she does let me pick her up, without a blanket to protect my hands now. She will climb all over me if I lay down on the floor or couch, but she hasn’t really let us give her a good rubbing.  I’m sure she’ll be a little love bug soon though.

Once in a while, Lassie gets a little frustrated and takes it out on her little sister, Dotty. But she’s only made her cry once.  She also the slowest to warm up to the other dogs.  She’s still  barely at tolerating them, and occasionally charges the side of the playpen when one walks by. 

Lassie is also already house trained, and pretty quiet, other than the growling.  She’s just going to need some patience to get her used to new people.  Then she’ll a wonderfully sweet girl too.  She so soft and silky, when she lets us give her little rubs. 

Polka-Dotty, 2 year old Chihuahua

Dotty, 2 year old Chihuahua
Dotty, 2 year old Chihuahua

Dotty (for short), is the youngest and smallest of the Cheese-Nips. She’s a tiny little thing, who pretty much does whatever, Chiquita does.  Dotty is very attached to her mom, despite the fact that she’s already been a mom herself.  She also tolerates her sister’s bullying well.  Last night she actually played a little bit with Cami and Rebecca dashing through the house at full speed barking at them.

Dotty was re-homed by her former owner recently, and she bit her new mom the whole way home.  Then she escaped and her former owner had to go catch her.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out and they returned her quickly.  That could explain her dependency on Chiquita, or it could be simply that they’ve always been together.  She’s constantly licking Chiquita and likes to stay close. 

Dotty likes to stand on her back legs and beg for food, so does Chiquita.  Although not very good manners, it’s absolutely adorable.  She also the barky-est of the bunch, and like to wake us up around 5 am every morning with her little high pitched barks.  But we think it’s just because she needs to go potty.  Dotty is also house trained, and hasn’t had an accident in the house yet.  

The Cheese-Nips

Lassie and Chiquita

All three of our little Cheese Nips are also escape artists, because they are so scared.  And because they’re so tiny, they’re hard to catch.  But they do love to be outside, as long as it’s not raining.  Thanks to their former mom, we now have a nice 18′ * 18′ fenced in play yard here for them, and for future litters of puppies. (Thank you again Sherry, we love it and greatly appreciate it!)  Something I’ve been wanting for a long time.  Chiquita is showing us where the weak spots are in it and helping us make it more secure.

All three of these sweet little girls will be ready for their forever homes after they’ve been fully vetted and spayed.  They will need patient new families, because they are under-socialized.  And I believe that families without children are best.  As they are a little snappy and growly at first.  And they have bitten before.  But they are making progress very quickly.  Actually much more quickly than Rebecca, as they let Sister and other people touch them and hold them already.  They even let my 17 yr old nephew, who helped us set up the new fencing, catch them after playtime.  Of course, this was after he nearly peed himself laughing at me chasing them around the play yard trying to catch them.  We got smart though, we found treats that they will do anything for! 

We’ll keep you updated on these sweet little girls!  And I’ll try to get better pictures of them, once they stay still for more than a minute.  

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