Newest Fosters: Timo and Spoticus, 12 wk old Terrier Mixes

New Fosters Timo and Spoticus
New Fosters Timo and Spoticus

We have had lots going on here at The Foster Pack household the last few weeks.

Ryder is still with us, but our Bobby boy finally found his forever home.

On Thursday we welcomed foster dogs #67 and 68 to the household.  Tiny Timo (tee-mo) and Silly Spoticus, 12 week old Jack Russell Terrier mixes.

And what sweet boys they are!  Such a joy to have them.  They are friendly, well mannered, and quiet.  Except for puppy playtime, that is, when the house can get pretty noisy.

Silly Spoticus

Spoticus, 12 wk old Terrier Mix with CH
Spoticus, 12 wk old Terrier Mix with CH

Spoticus is built like a Bassett Hound, low to the ground with a huskier build. He has also been diagnosed with CH, cerebellar hypoplasia.  A condition that causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated motion. Tremors increase when he is excited and subside when at ease.  Although the veterinarian thinks that he may grow out of it.  Apparently, a few of the litter mates that were sold before these two came into the rescue are also suffering from it.  (Mom and dad will be spayed/neutered at the next dog clinic in April to prevent more litters.)

But Spoticus doesn’t let it slow him down.  In fact, the faster he’s moving, the less he wobbles.  He’s a little more shy than his brother.  But a real love bug once he warms up, and gets comfortable.  Although new situations, that make him nervous, cause him to tremble and jerk a little more than normal.

Spoticus, finally still...
Spoticus, finally still…

He’s basically a happy go lucky puppy that just wants to play.  He’s more dog oriented, begging for attention from humans isn’t his thing.  Although, he will snuggle up to us, and even give us kisses, when we pick him up. He’d rather be racing through the house chasing Timo, Ryder or Cami.  Or wrestling with them on the dog chair, after we lift him up.  He doesn’t really try to get up on his own, he just stands with his front feet up crying until someone gives him a lift.

Tiny Timo

Timo, 12 wk old Terrier Mix
Timo, 12 wk old Terrier Mix

Weighing in at only 6lbs, and with a much smaller, but taller, build than his wobbly brother, Timo is a tiny character.  He makes us laugh constantly.  Playing with the bigger dogs, and holding his own. Barking at the old dogs, trying to get them to play with him. He’s actually managed to engage Snuggie in play at times.  His bark sounds like it belongs to a much larger dog, but it’s very comical to watch.

Timo is a sweet friendly little guy who loves attention from his humans.  He would stay tucked into my sweatshirt all day long, except for playtime, if I let him.  He loves to shower us with sweet little kisses too.

Tired Timo
Tired Timo, one of the few times he and his brother aren’t snuggled up together.

But he also loves to chase and wrestle with the other dogs, Spoticus, Ryder, Cami and the Old Dogs.

All in all, they are little angels, just waiting to put on some weight before their neuter surgeries.  Then they’ll be all ready to find their forever homes.


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