PA Hunting Season and Dogs: The Two Worst Weeks of Our Year

Today’s the first day of hunting season (Deer, with rifles, if you’re not from Pennsylvania.) which is like a national holiday around here. The kids even have the first day of Buck season off of school, due to the number who would skip to hunt anyway.

Loss of the Peace and Quiet during Hunting Season

PA Hunting Season and Dogs: The Two Worst Weeks of Our Year
PA Hunting Season and Dogs: The Two Worst Weeks of Our Year

But for us, here at The Foster Pack household, which is surrounded by woodlands, and state game lands, what the first day of hunting season means is very little outdoor playtime for the next two weeks.  Jumpy dogs, due to the very high number of gun shots that we hear all day, every day, until hunting season is over.

We love our home in the woods.  Few neighbors, due to the amount of land taken up by the different tracts of state game lands.  5800 acres in the one to our west and south.  And nearly that in the one to the east, just past the farm across the road.  Normally, pretty quiet roads.  Although lately they were fracking a couple of gas wells, and the tanker truck ran past every hour for weeks.  Lots of game lands, draws lots of hunters, so the traffic increases greatly this time of year.  All of the usually empty hunting camps in the area come to life for hunting season.

Lack of Outside Playtime during Hunting Season

So for the next two weeks, outside playtime is constantly supervised, and usually shorter than normal.  The big boys and the little boys aren’t allowed into the woods, which drives them crazy.  Although, Jackyl and Monkey, rarely even want to go outside.  The gun shots drive those two absolutely crazy. All loud noises do.  And it’s their irritability that drives the other dogs even crazier.

The deer like to bed down in the thicket below our garage, which doesn’t help.  The hunters call or come to the door asking to walk our paths to chase them out.

So we spend most of our time indoors.  Which is bothering Bobby, the tiny foster puppy.  With all of the other dogs, jumpy and cranky, he doesn’t get out of the playpens nearly as much as he’s been used to.  So he cries about it, loudly and constantly.  I’ve already put him in bed with sleeping Sister twice this morning.  I’m not sure she likes to wake up to a tiny puppy trying to chew on her face.

The Need for Hunting Season

I get the reason that our area needs a hunting season.  The deer population around here is large.  Very large.  You can tell simply by the number of dead deer along the roads. I just wish it wasn’t so long.

So we’ll be counting down the days until the end of deer season, just two weeks away.  Let’s hope we all survive without losing our minds.

And now, I have to go run through the house to tire out a tiny bawl-baby puppy, so that then he’ll drink his milk and sleep for a while afterwards…  Come on Bawl-Bobby, it’s time to play.

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