Rare Moments: With a Large Pack

Rare Moments: With a Large Pack
Rare Moments: With a Large Pack

It’s blissfully quiet, as I sit here and type. My large pack is sleeping, all at one time. You would think it a miracle, but it actually happens a couple times a day.  A litter of six-week old foster puppies is napping in a large crate on the worktable beside my desk. They have to be watched closely when together, as they want to suckle on each other. My Big Boys are napping on the couch behind my desk. And The Older Kids are sleeping on the dog beds under the desk. Another foster dog, a fluffy little Pomeranian is snuggling on my lap. The Terrible Trio is relaxing on my bed. Peace reigns in The Foster Pack household for at least a brief time.

The house needs to be cleaned up, last night’s dishes are piled on the counter, along with all of the dog bowls from breakfast. The puppies beds are still in the crates in the master bathroom. Five crates full of bedding that needs to be washed every morning. The human laundry is piling up, too. Hairballs are collecting in the hallway. There is a ton of work that needs to be done. But instead of rushing to do it, I’m just going to sit and enjoy the peace for a few moments. Rub the dog in my lap, and relax.

I love these quiet times. In a house with a large pack of dogs, they happen rarely. Especially with puppies in the house. But they do happen, at least a few times a day.

If I were to stand up, it would disrupt the peace. The Big Boys would stir, waking the puppies. It’s almost puppy potty break and lunch time, so they would start to cry. The Terrier Trio would hear the other dogs, even from the other end of the house. And I would soon hear the thud of three dogs hitting the floor and the jingle of tags as they shake off their naps.

Lunch time routine would start, albeit, a little earlier than normal. After that, afternoon playtime.  Short training sessions following, before the late afternoon nap, that precedes supper time. Keeping to a schedule really helps.  It’s what keeps us sane.

But for now, I’ll just sit here, enjoying the peace. For as long as it lasts.  Soon, someone will stir.  But it won’t be me.  I’ll just wait and enjoy the peace.

Handling a large pack of dogs, day after day, can be tiring at times.  There is almost always something to be done, if not for the dog, for the humans in the house.  But at times like these, it is very rewarding.  This whole large pack of dogs sleeping peacefully, knowing that they are safe.  Content, knowing where their next meal is coming from.  Having soft beds and warm blankets to sleep on. A gentle hand for rubs and cuddles.

It’s moments like these that remind me that it’s all worth it.  Fostering and rescuing dogs is such a rewarding experience. Even if it means handling a large pack of dogs.

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