Saying Goodbye To Our Senior Dogs

Saying Goodbye To Our Senior Dogs

It’s been a rough year here at The Foster Pack household. It’s been a lot of saying goodbye to our senior  dogs.  In January we said goodbye to our old man, Mr. Ozzy. In May we nearly said goodbye to the Man of the House (MOH), but he fortunately pulled through. And in June we said goodbye to Snuggie and Ms. Meaty.

Ozzy, 16 yr old Min Pin
8-18-12 to 1-24-19

We said goodbye to our three most senior dogs, all in a span of six months. Yeah, it’s been a rough year around here.  Our hearts our heavy and our house is a little emptier.  We like to think, that since we know it’s coming, that we’re prepared for it.  But I don’t think there really is a way to prepare for losing a fur-baby, no matter how much notice you have.

11-17-15 to 6-23-19

Then in July, our little boys, Santana and Pantera went on a big adventure and were missing for 3 days, 2 nights. Or about 60 hours total. Right on the heels of losing Snuggie and Meaty, that sucked. I thought our numbers were going down even more. Luckily, I found them, slightly worse for the wear, and with a few dozen porcupine quills in them.

So the number of permanent residents, of the four-legged variety, is down to seven.  And we have three new holes in our heart for the old fur-kids that we lost.  Our memorial garden has doubled in size, and there are 3 more sweet souls waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ms. Meaty
5-28-14 to 6-27-19

We’re still trying to find a new normal after saying goodbye to our senior dogs.  Pack dynamics have changed.  But we’re pushing through and figuring it out.  Foster dogs, Razzie and the Cheese Nips; Chiquita, Lassie and Dotty are still with us.  And we’ve got some unusual new fosters that we’ll introduce you to soon.  So stay tuned to see what else has been up here at The Foster Pack.

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