DIY Tick Repellent: ‘Tis the Season, Prevention is key.

Ticks, 'Tis the Season, Prevention is key.
Ticks, ‘Tis the Season, Prevention is key.

It’s that time of year again folks.  The weather is warming up and the ticks are coming out to play.  I hate to use chemical flea and tick treatments on my dogs.  I’ve heard way too many stories about the spot on preventative treatments causing terrible things to happen to dogs.  Seizures, sickness, skin problems and sometimes even death.

We don’t have a problem with fleas in our household.  In over 10 years, we’ve only seen fleas once.  And that was when our little Monkey came to us as a foster, covered in fleas.  So ticks are our only real problem.  And what problem they are, considering we live in the woods, and the dogs love to play in the woods.

Tick repellents, in my opinion, are better than the chemical flea and tick killers, as they keep the ticks off of the dogs, and humans.  Rather than letting them bite first, then die.  Which is how most commercial flea and tick treatments work.  The chemicals that you feed, or spot on treatments get into your dog’s blood stream, then when the parasite bites and ingests your pet’s blood, it poisons them.  I would rather have the ticks not want to even climb on my dogs.   Commercial flea and tick treatments allow the ticks to get onto my dogs, thus bringing them into the house, and exposing us, unsuspecting humans, to fleas and tick who haven’t munched on the dogs and died.  My dogs like to be on the furniture, and in the beds.  It can lead to finding crawling ticks on the furniture, or in the beds.

I want them kept out of the house all together.  So we like to use all natural, dog safe homemade tick repellent.  We’ve been using the same thing for years, and it really cuts down on the number of ticks we see on the dogs.  The ticks don’t like the smell of the dogs, so they don’t hitch a ride on them.  And we rarely find the crawling ticks in the house, just waiting to munch on us.

DIY Dog safe tick repellent:

I use a spray bottle that I bought empty, it holds about 12 ounces or so.

6 ounces [amazon_textlink asin=’B00E3B30WW’ text=’Apple Cider Vinegar’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7ef915bb-4d47-11e8-803f-f12abed5a5dc’]

6 ounces of Water ( I use tap water, because we have a well, not city water) Some people recommend using distilled water.  But if you need to use chlorine treated city water, just leave it sit open for 24 hours, the chlorine will leach out.

10 drops of [amazon_textlink asin=’B0013OXEFK’ text=’Lavender Essential Oil’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’892fd4a9-4d47-11e8-b2f5-1f0e8bdd19d1′] (I like the Now Foods brand)

10 drops of [amazon_textlink asin=’B005GMFWXW’ text=’Peppermint Essential Oil’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c100c581-4d47-11e8-a744-47fc52c52f75′]

10 drops of [amazon_textlink asin=’B0019LRZ2A’ text=’Eucalyptus Essential Oil’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cc3768a2-4d47-11e8-bba3-b5140c3dea53′]

Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake well.

Spray the dog down, avoiding the face, every morning before they go outside, and rub it gently into their fur. If my dogs spend a lot of time outside, I often respray them again in the evening.

We also look everyone over for ticks when they come back to the house.  A [amazon_textlink asin=’B002DQ6EU4′ text=’sticky lint roller’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’fosterpack-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f6d9dd7e-4d47-11e8-b58d-bb1ef0e9a973′] is great for finding crawling ticks on the black dogs.

Safe for humans too!

The tick repellent is also great for humans.  We spray our clothes lightly with it before we head out to the woods too.  It also helps to keep mosquitoes away from you too.

At our house, again, because of living in the woods, we have a problem with spiders and mice getting in the house.  We use the same spray to spray around our doors and windows every few days and it helps keep the spiders and mice out too.



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