Trap, Neuter and Return – Kitten season is coming.

Trap, Neuter and Return - Kitten season is coming.
Trap, Neuter and Return – Kitten season is coming.

Does your community have a Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) program for community cats?  Have you ever heard of Trap, Neuter and Return?  If not, you really should read up on it.  And do it soon, kitten season is closing in on us fast!  It’s the absolute best way to deal with community, feral, and barn cats.

What is  Trap, Neuter and Return?

Trap, Neuter and Return, often referred to as simply TNR, is a big part of the No Kill Equation.  TNR is a program through which community cats are trapped, humanely, spayed or/neutered, and released back to either their original location, or to another safe outdoor location for them to live out their lives.  Without reproducing.

The cats are also, usually, given their vaccinations and ear-tipped.  The ear tip lets people know that the cat has been trapped and sterilized already.

Young kittens, and any friendly enough community cats are usually adopted out, while the true feral cats are released.  Cats that are suffering with terminal conditions are humanely euthanized, ending their suffering.

It’s a great program for cats.  It saves lives.  Saves kittens from being born in the wild.  Every community needs to adopt a TNR program.  Cats are not at fault, they can’t help being abandoned, un-sterilized, by their humans.  And that is how most feral cat problems begin.

If your local shelters don’t have Trap, Neuter and Return programs, you should help them look into it!

Some great articles on Trap, Neuter and Return programs:

Feral cats are not the problem, humans are!  – This is a great article, that definitely speaks the truth.  Cats can’t be held responsible for their predicament.  Humans are the ones that dump the cats.  And killing feral cats rarely helps.  Then, more are just abandoned, replacing the cats that have been killed.  Which definitely doesn’t help the situation.  While TNR does help.

Why Trap-Neuter-Return Feral Cats? The Case for TNR – Another great article going into more depth about why TNR really works, and how it works.


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