Trixie is a loyal girl waiting for love! 7 yr old Terrier mix

Trixie is looking for love and someone to give her loyalty to!

Trixie is a loyal girl waiting for love! 7 yr old terrier
Trixie is a loyal girl waiting for love! 7 yr old terrier

This sweet 7 year old, large breed, 100+lb, terrier mix is Trixie.  She’s an absolute queen, and more than ready for her forever home.

She is already spayed, micro chipped, up to date on all of her shots, and heart worm negative.  She’s a survivor, she’s already survived heart worm once.  She’s even house trained already too!  And she’s great with everyone. What more could you ask for?

Trixie wants to be your Velcro dog.  She’s low maintenance, low activity, and very loyal to her people.  She will follow you to the ends of the earth, if you’ll be her new human.  Of course, due to her age and size, she’s a bit arthritic, so she would prefer that the ends of the earth not have any stairs.  She does require daily medication for her arthritis.  And she loves attention!  The more, the better.

If you have some big fluffy beds, and need a low maintenance girl to fill them, Trixie is the perfect companion for you!

Trixie 7 yr old Terrier Mix
Trixie 7 yr old Terrier Mix

Trixie is a sponsored dog.  Which means her adoption fee is already covered.  All you need to do to take home this sweet girl is get your application in and wait for approval.

To Adopt Trixie contact:

Trixie, 7 yr old terrier mix
Trixie, 7 yr old terrier mix

Pleasants County Humane Society

669 Pike Road,
Saint Marys, WV 26170

Senior Dogs are Special!

We here at The Foster Pack have a soft spot for senior shelter dogs.  Old dogs are great! Senior dogs (10 years +) make up over half of our pack..  They are such sweet souls!

And there are tons of reasons to adopt senior dogs.  Such as 10 Reasons to Adopt Older Dogs.

And tons of senior dogs spending their golden years in shelters all of the time.  We want to help get them out.

So we’re going to feature a new senior shelter dog every week.

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