The Weird Habits of Dogs

Dogs do things differently.  They see the world differently from humans.  It’s common sense.  But some of the weird habits of dogs are really bizarre to us.  I’m sure some of our habits, such as us constantly holding our phones in their faces, confuse our dogs as well.

Here are some of the weird habits of our dogs:

The Weird Habits of Dogs
The Weird Habits of Dogs

Feeding Time: One of the weirdest habits some of our dogs have is to take their food out of their bowls, mouthful by mouthful and take it somewhere else to actually eat it.  Woobie and Monkey both do this constantly.  Pantera sometimes does.  Monkey is the worst though.  I’m constantly digging food from her mouth because she’s eating when and where, I think, she shouldn’t be.

Staying Hidden: Another weird habit of our dogs is, Meaty has to walk behind us to go out the door. You can’t face her when you’re letting her out.  She has to be behind you, up against the washer and dryer before she’ll go out.  She also tends to stick close to taller things when she’s outside. I noticed that the tiny Yorkie puppies also felt the need to do this when we went out to play or for potty training at first.  It must be a small, shy dog thing.

Playtime: Lewy doesn’t need to be behind us or stick close to the tree line.  His thing is attacking his brothers as they come out of the door.  Everytime.  It’s caused him numerous injuries over the years, as he falls off of the porch once in a while.

Spinning Constantly: Pantera insists on spinning in circles as he walks from his crate to the door in the morning.  If this isn’t a weird habit of his, I don’t know what is.  He only does it obsessively when he’s first let out of his crate,  the rest of the day he walks pretty nicely to the door.  I’ve noticed that a friend of mine has a dog that takes this habit to the extreme.  He can’t walk a straight line at all, he’s constantly circling.  With him, they think it’s due to a former brain injury.  Pantera’s weird habit of doing this isn’t related to a medical issue though.  He just seems to like to spin in circles.

Digging in the Crate: One of Woobie’s weird habits is digging at his crate constantly when he’s in it.  In the winter he allows us to put a bed and blanket in it for him, so he’s constantly throwing it out with his digging.  In the warmer weather though he refuses anything in his crate, and just drags it out as soon as we try to put it in.  So he’s constantly digging at the bare bottom of his crate.  It’s noisy and annoying.  Especially in the middle of the night.

People Sitter:  Monkey is a people sitter.  She’s not the first people sitter we’ve had.  Rico, our first Min. Pin did it also, and a few of our foster dogs.  They simply can’t sit beside you, they have to be on you.  Preferably on your chest, up in your face, but facing away from you.  You know, so you end up with their butt in your face.  If she can’t be sitting on her people, then she sits on her brothers, Santana and Pantera.

Vacuum Blocker: Jackyl doesn’t really have many weird habits.  He is always wanting to be right in front of the vacuum the whole time it’s running. While the other dogs in the house run from it, acting like I’m going to suck them up with it

Heat Suckers: Jackyl also enjoys sitting on the heat vents when the furnace is running.  He’s taught Monkey to do it too.  We call them the heat suckers.

Never Slow Down: Ozzy’s only weird habit is that he insists on running everywhere, he can’t walk slowly at all.  Ever.  Even on days where his arthritis is acting up and he can hardly move, once he gets up, he’s off and running.

Howling Goodbye: Another weird habit that they all share is that all of them howling when they think I’m leaving them.  Even if I’m just stepping outside to my vehicle to get something, or going to work in the yard.  It always starts with Santana, him and his Beagle howl.  Then the rest join in within seconds.  Including any fosters we have (besides Snuggles, she rarely makes any noise).  Even the litters of puppies.  But that is just adorable!

So what are your dog’s weird habits?

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